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Your key to effortless product key recovery! Find, backup, and recover product keys for 10,000+ popular software programs from your local or network computers.

Product Key Explorer
Top Reasons to Choose Product Key Explorer

Extensive CoverageExtensive Coverage: Scan local or network computers and recover +10,000 popular software serial numbers.

User-Friendly ToolkitUser-Friendly Toolkit: Product Key Explorer is the most user-friendly and easy-to-use toolkit on the market.

High Quality and StabilityHigh Quality and Stability: Delivering the highest quality and stable programs.

Exceptional SupportExceptional Support: Enjoy unlimited 24/7 support, free future versions, and a perpetual software license. No hidden charges—just a one-time ordering price.

AffordabilityAffordability: Maintain a comfortable software cost at $29.50. Explore attractive discount prices for Multi-User Licenses.

Key Features and Benefits

Extensive Extensive Software CompatibilityExtensive Software Compatibility: Find product keys for 10,000+ programs, including Windows (8.1, 8, 7, Vista, 10), Microsoft Office, Adobe CS6, CS5, CS4 and CS3, Norton, Electronic Arts games, WinZip, Nero, and more. Visit the "Features" page for the complete supported software list.

Extensive Extensive License ManagementLicense Management: Product Key Explorer recovers product keys for software on your local and network computers. Effortlessly track the number of software licenses in your business.

Product Key RecoveryKey Recovery for Peace of Mind: With Product Key Explorer, recover lost product keys for all major software programs. Prevent the loss of your valuable investment and money.

Product Key flexible Key StorageFlexible Key Storage: Save product keys in various formats: Tab Delimited Txt File (.txt), Excel Workbook (.xls), CSV Comma Delimited (.csv), Access Database (.mdb), SQLLite3 Database, Web Page (.html), or XML Data (.xml). Additionally, print or copy keys to the clipboard.

Product Key Explorer Testimonials

Thank you for creating such a nice tool. Product Key Explorer saved me time and money. It was easy and fast. Thanks a lot...

Margarit Prik

I have run a scan on my network using Product Key Explorer and am happy with the results

Matthew Greig


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Very broad collection of network audit tools. We think this is one of the best-integrated network multi-tools we have looked at.

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