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Empower your network security with Nsauditor, a robust suite of network tools crafted for seamless network auditing, scanning, monitoring, vulnerability detection, and beyond.

Network Security Auditor
Key Features

Comprehensive Security Auditing:Comprehensive Security Auditing: Nsauditor meticulously checks your enterprise network for potential vulnerabilities, offering a detailed report on potential risks and issues.

Cost-Effective Network ManagementCost-Effective Network Management: Significantly reduce the total cost of network management with Nsauditor. It empowers IT personnel to gather extensive information from all computers in the network without the need for server-side installations, creating detailed problem reports.

Network Monitoring InsightNetwork Monitoring Insight: Gain valuable insights into locally running services, dig deep into each connection, analyze remote systems, terminate connections, and view data with Nsauditor's advanced network monitoring capabilities.

All-in-One SuiteAll-in-One Suite: Nsauditor stands out as the ultimate network security auditing suite, comprising over 45 tools and utilities for network security auditing, scanning, monitoring, and more.

Security Hole IdentificationSecurity Hole Identification: Empower network administrators to proactively identify and address security holes and flaws within their networked systems.

Integrated Firewall SystemIntegrated Firewall System: Nsauditor boasts an integrated firewall system, real-time network monitoring, and packet filtering and analysis capabilities, ensuring a comprehensive approach to network security.

Why Choose Nsauditor Network Security Auditing Software

Unlimited ScanningUnlimited Scanning: With a single user license, scan all computers within your company without limitations, ensuring thorough coverage.

User-Friendly ToolkitUser-Friendly Toolkit: Nsauditor is renowned for being the easiest toolkit on the market, simplifying the complex task of network security management.

Quality and StabilityQuality and Stability: Experience the highest quality and stability in our programs, providing you with a reliable solution for your network security needs.

24/7 Unlimited Support24/7 Unlimited Support: Enjoy unlimited 24/7 support, ensuring that any questions or concerns are promptly addressed.

Lifetime OwnershipLifetime Ownership: Your software license is yours to use forever. No recurring charges, just a one-time ordering price. Plus, receive all future versions for free.

Cost-EffectiveCost-Effective: We maintain our software cost at a comfortable level of $69.00, delivering exceptional value for your investment.

Multi-User DiscountsMulti-User Discounts: Explore attractive discount prices for multi-user licenses, making Nsauditor an even more cost-effective solution for your entire team.

Network Security Auditor Testimonials

Very broad collection of network audit tools. We think this is one of the best integrated network multi-tools we have looked at.

SC Magazine

The best I've found! It's a complete networking utilities package that scans open ports, providing descriptions of functionality. It helps discover network services and checks them for vulnerabilities. Additionally, it searches for open shares and security flaws, scans for common Adware traces, and then conveniently links you to the appropriate site for the fix. It's an absolute essential for ANY IT professional.

Paul Christy


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Very broad collection of network audit tools. We think this is one of the best-integrated network multi-tools we have looked at.

SC Magazine
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