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Empower your network security with Nsauditor, a robust suite of network tools crafted for seamless network auditing, scanning, monitoring, vulnerability detection, and beyond.

Network Security Auditor
Nsauditor - Unveiling Powerful Network Security Features

Unlock the full potential of network security with Nsauditor, a comprehensive toolkit designed for network security auditing and vulnerability scanning. Dive into an array of essential features tailored for IT professionals and security enthusiasts.

Network Auditor - Uncover VulnerabilitiesNetwork Auditor - Uncover Vulnerabilities: Discover network services and assess them for well-known security vulnerabilities. Generate detailed audit reports in HTML and XML formats.
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Network Monitor - Insightful Endpoint DetailsNetwork Monitor - Insightful Endpoint Details: Gain a detailed view of all TCP and UDP endpoints, including process names, remote addresses, connection states, DNS names, country information, network class, and service details.
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NetBIOS Auditor - Explore NetBIOS NamesNetBIOS Auditor - Explore NetBIOS Names: Identify NetBIOS names, exploring services and machines. Scan networks, list computers offering NetBIOS resource sharing, and gather name tables and connections.
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MS SQL Server Auditor - Database Security AuditMS SQL Server Auditor - Database Security Audit: Conduct audits on machines running MS SQL Server, ensuring robust security measures.
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SNMP Auditor - Robust SNMP AuditingSNMP Auditor - Robust SNMP Auditing: Walk through SNMP MIBs, auditing SNMP community names using values stored in an XML database.
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Packet Filter - Real-time Network FilteringPacket Filter - Real-time Network Filtering: Enable real-time network packet filtering and analysis, covering IP, ICMP, TCP, UDP, and NETBIOS-SSN packet header fields.
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Packet Editor - Decode Network PacketsPacket Editor - Decode Network Packets: Decode IP, ICMP, TCP, UDP, NETBIOS-SSN packets, gaining insights into network communications.
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Sun RPC Auditor - Audit Sun RPC ProtocolsSun RPC Auditor - Audit Sun RPC Protocols: Leverage Sun RPC protocols to access port mapper daemon/service, revealing a list of all running registered daemons.
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MS RPC Auditor - Audit Microsoft RPCMS RPC Auditor - Audit Microsoft RPC: Audit MS RPC, revealing a list of named pipes used by Windows RPC services as endpoints.
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Port Scanner - Fast TCP/UDP ScanningPort Scanner - Fast TCP/UDP Scanning: Conduct fast TCP/UDP scanning to detect open ports and accepted connections.
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Remote System OS Detector - Unmatched OS DetectionRemote System OS Detector - Unmatched OS Detection: Nsauditor performs OS detection with precision, automatically creating OS fingerprints not included in the database. Enhance your understanding of network environments effortlessly.
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LM / NTLM Spider - Password Audit and RecoveryLM / NTLM Spider - Password Audit and Recovery: Security vulnerabilities often stem from passwords. LM / NTLM Spider is a potent tool designed for password audit and recovery, allowing you to identify and access password vulnerabilities with ease.
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DNS Lookup - Advanced DNS QueriesDNS Lookup - Advanced DNS Queries: Empower your network security with DNS Lookup, a tool that converts IP addresses to hostnames and vice versa. Conduct advanced DNS queries, including MX or CNAME, and check for Real-time Blacklist (RBL) status for spammers.
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Email Validate - Validate Email AccountsEmail Validate - Validate Email Accounts: Ensure the validity of email accounts effortlessly with the Email Validate Tool. This client utility provides a quick and reliable way to check the authenticity of email addresses.
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Enumerate Computers - Comprehensive Network EnumerationEnumerate Computers - Comprehensive Network Enumeration: Nsauditor's Enumerate Computers tool is designed for thorough network enumeration. Enumerate all computers, SQL servers, primary and backup domain controllers, and more, based on specific parameters.
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Ping - Verify IP Address AccessibilityPing - Verify IP Address Accessibility: Ping, a fundamental tool, verifies the existence of specified IP addresses, ensuring hosts are accessible. Gather information about the operating system of remote hosts seamlessly.
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Trace Route - Understand Network RoutesTrace Route - Understand Network Routes: Trace Route traces the route from a client machine to a remote host, reporting all router IP addresses in between. Gain insights into the Internet network and pinpoint potential issues.
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Finger - Discover User InformationFinger - Discover User Information: Finger is a user discovery tool using the well-known finger service. Easily obtain "Abuse Address" details for remote hosts.
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Whois - Domain, IP, or Name InformationWhois - Domain, IP, or Name Information: Lookup information on domains, IP addresses, or names effortlessly with the Whois tool. Select specific WhoIs servers or use the default option for streamlined information retrieval.
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Traffic Emulator - Stress Test NetworksTraffic Emulator - Stress Test Networks: Generate IP / ICMP / TCP / UDP / HTTP traffic to stress test servers, routers, and firewalls under heavy network loads. Simulate client activity with this fast and efficient program.
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SIP - UDP Traffic Generator - FlooderSIP - UDP Traffic Generator - Flooder: Stress test voice-over-IP systems, SIP programs, and implementations with the SIP UDP traffic generator/flooder. Customize settings for various types of SIP messages.
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Http Traffic Generator - Simulate HTTP TrafficHttp Traffic Generator - Simulate HTTP Traffic: Simulate HTTP traffic to a specified URL with the Http Traffic Generator. A versatile tool for various testing scenarios.
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Remote Shutdown - Manage Network Computers RemotelyRemote Shutdown - Manage Network Computers Remotely: Effortlessly manage network computers by remotely shutting down or restarting them with the Remote Shutdown tool.
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TCP/UDP Client/Server - Test Services and FirewallsTCP/UDP Client/Server - Test Services and Firewalls: A useful tool for testing services, firewalls, and intrusion detection systems. Also suitable for debugging and configuring other network tools.
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Port Redirector - Test Services and FirewallsPort Redirector - Test Services and Firewalls: Test services, firewalls, and intrusion detection systems effectively with the Port Redirector tool. Ideal for program debugging and network tool configuration.
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Local IP, TCP, UDP, and ICMP Statistics - In-Depth AnalysisLocal IP, TCP, UDP, and ICMP Statistics - In-Depth Analysis: Gain valuable insights into network statistics, detecting various network treatments, port scanning probes, and network attacks. Learn More About Local IP, TCP, UDP and ICMP Statistics

Web Log Analyzer - Parse Apache Access LogsWeb Log Analyzer - Parse Apache Access Logs: Parse Apache access logs, convert them to XML, and analyze the output XML file with the Web Log Analyzer.
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IP Routing, Net Table - Detailed IP InformationIP Routing, Net Table - Detailed IP Information: Retrieve information related to interface-to-IP address mapping table, IP routing table, and IP-to-physical address mapping table with IP Tables.
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Local Addressing Information Table - Network Interface DetailsLocal Addressing Information Table - Network Interface Details: Explore available network interfaces and their IP addresses, network masks, broadcast addresses, PPP, Multicast, and Loopback modes.
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Local Net to Media Information Table - Network Adapter DetailsLocal Net to Media Information Table - Network Adapter Details: Discover available network adapters, their MAC addresses, subnet masks, gateways, DNS servers, WINS servers, DHCP, interface names, and more.
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IP / ASN Country - Determine IP CountryIP / ASN Country - Determine IP Country: Efficiently determine the country of an IP address or autonomous system number with the IP / ASN Country tool.
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Process Monitoring - Monitor Running ProcessesProcess Monitoring - Monitor Running Processes: Keep a close eye on running processes with the Process Monitor tool. Display detailed information about each process, aiding in system monitoring.
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MAC / Vendor Lookup - Identify Adapter ManufacturerMAC / Vendor Lookup - Identify Adapter Manufacturer: Easily identify adapter manufacturers by entering the MAC address. A convenient tool for obtaining information about network adapters.
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Report Viewer - Access Network Security Audit ReportsReport Viewer - Access Network Security Audit Reports: Effortlessly view all network security audit reports generated in XML or HTML formats using the Report Viewer. Access and analyze reports seamlessly.
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