Nsasoft Kundenreaktionen - von unserem Briefkasten!
Nsasoft Kundenreaktionen - von unserem Briefkasten!
Nsasoft Kundenreaktionen - von unserem Briefkasten!
Nsasoft Kundenreaktionen - von unserem Briefkasten!
"Very broad collection of network audit tools. We think this is one of the best integrated network multi-tools we have looked at."
SC Magazine

"Nsauditor offers numerous, sophisticated scanning and monitoring tools so you can ensure that your network is safe…"
Preston Gralla

"Nsauditor is a huge collection of network security monitoring tools for everyday use. And it`s all just for nothing.. I mean that price $69 is realy nothing for this kind software. I found a lot of different type vulnerability in my network with the help of Nsauditor. Thanks guys."
Greg Campana

"I impressed with the amount of tasks which Nsauditor could accomplish."
Irina Teysheva

"Absolute Best networking utilities package! I recommend Nsauditor and give it 5 stars and two thumbs up!"
Thomas Hoffman

"I like the program, because it has a dozens of features in one program, and I don't need to install dozens of different programs and let them start when windows starts."
Kurt Barnes

"Thanks for developing such a cool and stable utility! It runs perfect on my XP Pro system that I use for various IT Admin tasks."
Terrance Fontes

"Thank you again, I got the product installed and used the reg-update you suggested. Great work, guys! Thanks!"
Nick Bennett
Desktop Administrator

"Your product key finder software is just brilliant"
Davic Crac

"I really enjoy the software, it is going to help us out in an audit we have coming up"
Greg Johnston
IT Administrator

Nsasoft Kundenreaktionen - von unserem Briefkasten!
"I have run a scan on my network using Product Key Explorer and am happy with the results"
Matthew Greig

"I am using the Product Key Explorer and am impressed with its capabilities"
Greg Simpson

"Your software Product Key Explorer has been awarded by our editors Great job, we're really impressed!
rbytes.net staff

Nsasoft Kundenreaktionen - von unserem Briefkasten!
Thank you!!!! Went thru 2 other programs to find a lost password i needed desperately for a server. SpotAuditor solved it, within 5 minutes of entering my registration key, my server was up and running! thank you again!
David Mack
TBC Entertainment LLC

This is an excellent piece of software for recovering lost passwords. In fact it does everything I want it to do. I've kept Spotauditor and would recommend it to anyone.
Simon Goldstein

Thanks for your assistance in solving my lost password problem, Professionalism and attention to details work everytime. Many thanks for reminding me how customer service should work.
Bobby Chen

Thank you for a very good collection of lost password recovery utilities.
Tony McCarthy

Nsasoft Kundenreaktionen - von unserem Briefkasten!
"Thank you for your software. Using it we were able to resolve our problems"
Ryan Dech
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