Computer Security
Nowadays computer is a very necessary thing in our life. We use it almost for everything. It helps us to do our work without going out such as shopping, investing, banking and so on. It also serves to us as a way of communication with other people. There are different ways of doing it but email or chat programs are the most widespread.
Having computer you should know about the computer security i.e. how to protect it from intruders such as hackers, attackers, crackers. They can break into your computer system, using it attack other systems , read your email, examine your personal information. When they have control of your computer they can launch attacks against high-profile computer systems.
It does not matter if you are connected to the Internet only for sending email to relatives or play some games or for doing anything you want, you are not insured from intruders. They may watch all your actions on the computer because, in spite of our efforts, they always discover new holes to exploit in computer software. To collide it the computer vendors offer their service: it is to develop patches to avoid the problems. But there are also some software applications that have default settings and if you do not change your settings other users can break into your computer life. To develop patches is not compulsory and it is the user that makes the decision to install the patches and to configure the software to operate securely. To avoid such problems there are some programs and web-sites that render their services. One of them is It includes about forty-five utilities and network tools for different operations. Nsauditor Network Security Auditor helps you to identify security holes in your networked systems. There you can find a program which is called Share Alarm Pro and which is very appropriate for both corporative and home users. It is a network security software which allows monitor security events and permissions changes. It lets you easily browse your LAN and view all shared resources in spite of the fact if they are hidden or not. But it is a very small part of the services that is offered to you. If it is of any interest to you, you may visit the Computer Security Products page of this web-site.

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