Lose your Password? How to Recover Lost Passwords?

SpotAuditor is a Windows utility that offers administrators a comprehensive solution for recovering passwords and other critical business information stored in users' computers. Whether employees have unexpectedly left the company, or they have simply forgotten their passwords, SpotAuditor lets you recover confidential information stored in computers. SpotAuditor recovers Internet Explorer, Firefox, Outlook Express, MSN messenger, Windows Live Messenger, Windows Messenger, RDP, ICQ, VNC, Dial up, RAS, VPN, Trillian, Miranda IM, &RQ, Camfrog Video Chat, Easy Web Cam, WinProxy, Total Commander (Windows Commander), Far ftp client, WS_FTP, CuteFTP, File Zilla, FlashFXP ftp client, SecureFX ftp client, WebDrive ftp, FTP Voyager, CoreFTP, CoffeeCup Direct FTP, AutoFTP, FTP Control, FTP Navigator, 32bit FTP passwords and reveals IE Auto Complete Fields saved passwords, recovers passwords stored behind the asterisks (*****). The program also explores Visited URLs, Installed Programs and Start Run Programs on a local machine or remote computers.

A single SpotAuditor license costs $27.50, and may be Orderingd securely online at http://www.nsauditor.com/order.html

Free 15 days demo versions are available.

More information: http://spotauditor.nsauditor.com
Download URL: http://spotauditor.nsauditor.com/downloads/spotauditor_setup.exe

Key Features:

 IE7-IE8-IE9 ( Internet Explorer 7, 8, 9 ) web and autocomplete password recovery 
• IE6 ( Internet Explorer 6) and ActiveX password uncover and remover 
 Mozilla Firefox cached passwords recovery 
 Opera browser password recovery 
 MSN messenger 6.0 - 7.5 and Windows Live Messenger 8 password recovery 
 Windows messenger password retrieve 
 DialupRAS and VPN password recovery ( administrator privileges required ) 
 Outlook Express and Microsoft Office Outlook passwords recovery 
• Recovers Passwords behind Asterisks (*****) 
• RDP - Remote Desktop password decoder 
• ICQ password finder 
• Trillian password recovery 
• Miranda IM password recovery 
• Google Talk ( GTalk ) password recovery 
• Google Desktop password recovery 
• Camfrog Video Chat and Easy Web Cam password recovery 
• VNC 4.xxx password recovery 
• WinProxy Administrator password retriever 
• Total Commander ( Windows Commander ) password recovery 
• CoffeeCup Direct FTP password recovery 
• IpSwitch Messenger, IpSwitch Messenger, IM server, IMail server, WS_FTP password recovery 
• SmartFTP 3.x password recovery 
• CuteFTP password reveal 
• FlashFXP ftp password unhider 
 FileZilla multiple FTP accounts and proxy server password recovery from registry and FileZilla.xml 
• FTP Navigator password discovery 
• 32bit FTP password recovery 
• WebDrive FTP password revealer 
• FTP Control password seeker 
• DeluxeFtp password locator 
• AutoFTP password recovery 
• FTP Voyager password recovery 
• SecureFX ftp client password recovery 
• Far ftp client password viewer 
• Ftp Now password finder 
• Core FTP passwords retriever 
• FFFTP passwords recovery 
• Internet Download Manager password recovery 
 &RQ icq client password searcher and decrypter 
• Internet Explorer Cache Manager
• Internet Explorer Content Advisor password changer and remover 
• Internet Explorer Cookies, History and Internet Files Cleaner

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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