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Nsasoft??products may be found in businesses all over the world, including a large number of Fortune 500 companies, as well as in thousands of smaller ventures, international companies, non profit & government agencies, educational organizations and individuals in over 140 countries from around the world. Below is a partial list of our awards:


Rated 5 stars at SnapFiles

SnapFiles 5 Stars 

SC Magazine


SC Magazine 5 Stars for

Features and Value for Money

Nsauditor receive Gold award

SoftRating Gold Award


Nsauditor scan and monitor network for possible security vulnerabilities

Euro Download 5 stars

Network Security Auditor Get 5 Stars Award 

Download Pipe 5 Stars


Nsauditor receive Wareseeker Editor pick

Wareseeker Editor's Pick

5 Star rating 5 Star rating


Sofotex 5 star rating 5 stars 5 stars 5 stars Smart Award 5 star rating

GlobalShareware 5-gold disks 5 star rating 5 stars 5 shields

GeekFiles - 5 stars 5 star rating


FinalDownload 5 stars


Programjunction 5 stars 5 star rating 5 stars

Free Trial Downloads 5 stars 5 star rating 5 stars


Popular Software Library 5 stars 5 star rating


IT Shareware 5 stars

Maxx Download Editor's Choice

Fast Download 5 star rating

Outstanding 5/5 

Soft45 Outstanding 5/5

Outstanding 5/5 

Softwareinsearch 5 star rating

Editor's choice Rating

Outstanding 5/5 

Softsland 5 star rating

"Editor's Choice" award 


NewFreeDownloads Editor's Choice 5 star rating

discountfiles 5 Stars 5 Star Rating

BlueChillies 5 stars Rating

BlueChillies 5 stars Rating

Softplatz Perfect (5/5) 



Softplatz Perfect 5/5




Soft3k 5 Star rating 5 stars

SoftJamboree 5 Star rating 

SoftJamboree 5 Star rating

5 Star Rating 

PopSoftLib 5 Star Rating

Pickfiles - Ultimate source of shareware & freeware! 5 stars

Nsauditor is a complete networking utilities package

Shareware River 5 stars

Nsauditor scan and monitor network for possible vulnerabilities 


Ivertech 5 Star Award

Best Shareware 5 stars Rating 


BestShareware 5 Stars


Softs Info 5 Stars 5 Stars Excellent 5 Stars



SoftLandMark 5 Stars


Soft75 Out Standing

Best Software 4 Download 5 Stars 

BestSoftware4Download 5 Stars


1st Download Center Editor's choice

Over 45 network tools and utilities for network auditing 


Acidfiles Excellent (5/5)

Nsauditor is a network security scanner that allows to audit and monitor remote network computers for possible vulnerabilities  Excellent (5/5)

SoftMost 5 Stars Rating! 


SoftMost 5 Stars

Nsauditor received a 5 Dudes Award at FileDudes 



FileDudes 5 Dudes Award

Nsauditor received 5-star rating 5-star Rating

Nsauditor receive 5 Star rating 5 Stars

Nsauditor receive coredownload 5 stars award  5 Stars

Nsauditor received a 5 bull rating from 5 Bull Rating

Nsauditor received the "Excellent" award from Excellent Award

Nsauditor was rated "Excellent" by Excellent Award

5-star rating by filesforfree 

5-star rating by FilesForFree

CriticalFiles Excellent (5/5) award 


CriticalFiles Excellent (5/5) award


Network Security Auditor Get 5 Stars Award 5 stars

SharewareBox Best Award 

Shareware-Box Best Award

Free Vista Files Nsauditor Network Security Auditor Best Award 


Free Vista Files Best Award


Nsauditor Network Security Auditor receive 5 stars rating from eusoftnet 5 stars rating



5 stars 5 star award




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"Very broad collection of network audit tools. We think this is one of the best integrated network multi-tools we have looked at."

SC Magazine

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