NetworkSleuth - Search into Your LAN or Corporate Network - Settings
Section General  
Section General

. Stop search when N files are found - Search will be stopped when number of found files will reach specified value N.

. System priority - Specify the NetworkSleuth threads priority.

. Threads - Set the maximal number of threads that NetworkSleuth can use in search process.

. Search in hidden shares - If checked then NetworkSleuth will perform search in remote computers hidden shares also.

. Search in administrative shares - If checked then NetworkSleuth will perform search in remote computers administrative shares also. (Note: you should have administrative access to remote computer)

. Logging level - Specify logs verbosity level.

. Check for updates on start - If checked then NetworkSleuth will check for new version on start.

Section Accounts  
Section Accounts

. Computer name - Remote computer's name for which you are adding account.

. Account - The username which will be used to login to the remote computer.

. Password - The password which will be used to login to the remote computer.

. If no special account specified for remote computer 

. then default credentials will be used to login.

. Use my current - Default credentials will be your current username/password which you used to login to your computer

. Custom - You can specify another credentials as default which can differ with you current credentials.

. Default account - Specify username for default credentials.

. Default password - Specify password for default credentials.

Section Scheduling  
Section Scheduling

. Search options file - Specify search options by choosing previously saved search options file.

. Start sheduled search on - Set the date and time when scheduled search should start.

. Periodically search every - Specify time interval after which scheduled search should be repeated.



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